My Story

I grew up with a visceral fear of public speaking.  I have dreading to be interrogated in class, to the point that I was sick the day before an oral exam. When I was a PhD student, I have had to present my research to an international conference in Canada. At the entrance of the conference there was a banner stating: 5000 participants. It was my first time speaking at an academic conference, I thought I was going to speak in front of 5000 people! I fell sick and considered not showing up. Years later, to cure my fear of public speaking I participated in a workshop on stand-up comedy. I caught the comedy bug and I developed confidence and the belief that humour can be a powerful tool.

I would have never imagined that I’d become a professional public speaker invited to speak  in large companies, ivy leagues universities and start-ups around the world,  working at the convergence point of academia, business and entertainment.

Humour changed my life. I believe it has the power to change the world, one laugh at a time.

Corporate Trainer

To satisfy our clients’ demand for more in-depth training. Vanessa offers ½ Day and full Day trainings on key topics such as Diversity & inclusion – Innovation & creativity – Cultural awareness – Sales & negotiation – Public speaking – Performance & Growth – Crisis & leading remotely- Conflict management -Change management. Details for inquiries on our “Contact” page.

Keynote Speaker

Vanessa has given hundreds presentations to a global audience from  more than 30 countries. Her audiences include companies like Linkedin, Inmarsat, Daphni VC, France Public Investment Bank as well as the UK department for International Trade, Cambridge University, HEC Paris, Côte d’Azur University and Toulouse Business School. She has been featured on Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, La Tribune and European Business Review. 

Executive Coach

Vanessa has worked with C-level executives from large companies to start-ups. Her areas of expertise in executive coaching: successful career transition, change management strategy, superior communication skills. Details for inquiries on our “Contact” page.

Dr Vanessa Marcié is the founder and CEO of Leading With Humour, an innovative consulting firm that encourages executives to harness the power of humour in their change management strategies.

She is a forerunner and initiator of theories of driving change through humour and is sought and supported by many actors like Linkedin, Inmarsat, BPI France, Qwant, 50inTech …

As an international keynote speaker and researcher, she is regularly invited to present in large companies, international conferences, universities and start-ups in Europe and the US. She is a guest lecturer for some top business schools: Cambridge Judge Business School, HEC Paris, Toulouse Business School and Edhec Business School.

Her research work on Humour and Leadership has been published in the Financial Times and The European Business Review.

She is a regular contributor to the French economic newspaper La Tribune and Harvard Business Review France.

She is a Cambridge Wo + Men’s Leadership Center Associate.

In 2019, She was nominated as a Fellow by the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE Institute) in recognition of her research in innovation with Leading With Humour. She is also a finalist of the 2019 PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards which recognize excellence in research for gender-balanced leadership.

She is also a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of communication, marketing and business development, including as Vice President for London and Partners, the Mayor’s promotion agency in London.

Vanessa Marcié has been selected to be one of the TEDx ESADE 2021 and TEDx Cambridge University 2021 speakers.

When, a few years ago, my fear of public speaking led me to try out a stand-up comedy workshop, I found that more than just improving my public speaking skills, comedy taught me how the powerful impact of a laugh can uplift relationships. Whether with a client, a friend, or a  stranger, I noticed that a deeper and more meaningful connection was created every time I was able to make somebody laugh.

I became passionate about creating a unique and innovative methodology to empower individuals, teams and organisations and transform workplace culture and our relationships using the underestimated power of humour.