My first research on Humour and Leadership got published in the Financial Times. Since, I have worked as a keynote speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach. My speaking engagements brought me to the USA, the UK, France, The Netherland and Spain.

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I have given more than 100 presentations to a global audience from 30 countries. I have spoken to large companies, start-ups, the UK Department for International Trade, universities, non-profits and top business schools.

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As an international speaker, executive coach, consultant, researcher and HBR contributor, I have the privilege to influence thousands of people around the world. I create bridges between business, academia and entertainment through powerful, fun and energised speeches that I believe could have a positive impact on your professional and personal objectives.

Absolutely fabulous! Thank you! Inspirational talk from Dr Vanessa Marcie! Highly recommended!”

UK Department for International Trade

Leading With Humour in Times of Crisis

Many psychologists and humorists agree that laughter is the best medicine and, in times of crisis, it can be a powerful tool for coping with stressful experiences and fear. The Corvid19 has affected our lives on an unprecedented global scale, yet by using humour with your team you can maintain group cohesion and have a positive influence on everyone’s mental and physical health.

Key Takeaways

  • Why humour is a powerful coping mechanism
  • When and how to use humour for a positive effect
  • The 4 keys to reduce social distance while managing from a distance

“ A fantastic session on how to lead with humour in times of crisis. The session was interesting, lighthearted and covered many topics in a short period of time. Her research and business area is very timely at this difficult time we are all facing. Thank you Vanessa.

Isabel Kerrison, Professional Stakeholder Manager with Project & Program Management experience, Cambridge Judge Business School

Why humour is a key tool to foster diversity and inclusion

The use of humour in the workplace gets mixed reviews. While humour can create positive energy in teams and help improve the sympathy capital of leaders, it can also destroy a manager’s credibility, prevent him from being taken seriously and offending people. The question is how and why humour and gender are linked in the workplace.

Key Takeaways

  • What science has discovered about gender differences in humour and leadership
  • Why humour is a powerful asset in fighting toxic corporate cultures
  • How to gain confidence and respond with humour to anyone

“ Vanessa made an incredible presentation. She has a fantastic energy and great public speaking skills that made her speech both entertaining and informative. She kept the audience engaged throughout her speech and received positive comments from participants. Weeks later we are still talking about it!”

Laurence Jacob, Market Intelligence Analyst, Inmarsat

How to use humour to be a better leader

Today, interpersonal skills are essential to our personal and professional success. In the workplace, we are increasingly encouraged to improve our ability to manage relationships wisely and with empathy. Organisational humour is an underestimated and underused asset that can have a huge impact on transforming organisational culture and on how employees can work better together.

Key points

  • How to be 12% more productive through to humour
  • What science has discovered about different types of humour
  • 5 essential skills to lead with humour

“ Thank you ! You inspired me to rethink the organisational culture.”

Davor Bozic, Customer Experience Leader, Cisco